the world as thought. a bright blue, not yet fully formed, globe against a dark, black, void

‘Emergence #1’    2022
(36 X 28)

the earth as we have made it;  an overdeveloped and exploited orange globe against the darkness of the void

‘Emergence #3’    2022
(36 X 28)

a visual description of david bohms implicate order made explicate

'Implicate, explicate'     2022
(28 X 36)

Painting of woman with non manifest background. naive realism

‘From her perspective #1’    2022
(41 X 33)

painting of psilocybin 'magic mushrooms'. The 'holy children' of Maria Sabina.

’Untitled’    2022
(28 X 36)

a painting of vertical protrusions emerging from  the substrate of a tube or tunnel:  the non dual nature of all things

‘Individuation’    2022
(38 X 46)

painting of a large whirlpool, showing its form beneath water. against a black background. symbolizing non duality

‘It’s the same thing’    2021   
(120 X 120)

‘Everett,1957’    2023
(130 X 80)

the earth, a globe, in its pristine form. the thought as form set against a black void

‘Emergence #2’    2022
(36 X 28)

our reality, our world. an urban environment turned in upon itself. claustraphobic

‘Projection #1’    2022
(28 X 36)

painting of the dome of a church in seville, glinting in the sun with a shower of rain behind

'Iglesia del Divino Salvador #2'    2017
(60 X 81)

painting of woman walking up a street with a non existant background. naive realism

’From her perspective #2’    2022
(41 X 33)

vertical protrusions emerging from the same substrate. symbolizing the non duality of nature, of all things

’Us’    2023
(60 X 80)

a painting of a tunnel of blue light, a painting of non duality

‘Origins’    2020
(97 X 130)

a painting of a breaking wave against a black background. wave or water? a metaphor of advaita vedanta, non duality

‘It’s water’    2021
(120 X 120)